Evolving Textures Wholesale Store

Our Story

Evolving Textures is the result of years of frustration with a hair care industry that refused to acknowledge the needs of "natural" consumers from the African American community for so long. Leveraging their expertise as salon professionals the mother daughter duo of Amazon and Nadra Smiley combined their expertise to develop a line specifically designed for naturally curly hair in its varied style formats. Since 2012 the Evolving Textures product line has been meeting the needs of consumers & professionals nationwide. 

Nadra Smiley is an award-winning entrepreneur, patent holding inventor, stylist, and educator. Daughter of industry pioneer Amazon Payton Smiley, Nadra owns and operates Amazon Natural Look Academy, one of Illinois’ first licensed Natural Hair and Braiding Schools. She also developed and manages the “Evolving Textures” line of hair care products and tools including Alli “The Hair Assistant”. 

"My passion for natural hair has made an imprint on the industry by introducing a contemporary set of styling standards, business best practice and ethics which are now utilized by newly minted stylists and advance veteran stylists and salon owners alike."

The entire Smiley family has played a role in ushering in a new era of artistry, excellence and sophistication targeted to a professional, refined market that includes women and men.

Amazon Smiley is a pioneering educator and trendsetter in the Natural Hair Care industry. For over 35 years, Amazon has worked as a natural hair stylist, a consultant for several industries including television, consumer packaged goods, film, product development, and has been featured in numerous hair care and life style magazines all while owning and operating a premier natural hair salon in the Midwest. Amazon Smiley remains an influencer and guiding voice in Natural Hair Care Industry.

Our Mission

Evolving Textures' mission is to meet the needs of consumers whose unique "natural hair" has been neglected by the industry. By leveraging our collective expertise as salon professionals we developed a line specifically designed for naturally curly hair in its varied style formats. Since 2012 the Evolving Textures product line has been accomplishing this mission nationwide.

The Evolving Textures Standard

Our products are sustainably sourced and our patented formulas were crafted with your health in mind. We use Evolving Textures products on our own hair, and that of our clients, and you can be sure that every single Evolving Textures product will have the same consistent quality as the last. 

Who are Evolving Textures Products For?

Evolving Textures Natural Hair Products are for people with naturally curly hair who want to improve hair health, encourage new hair growth, and style their hair in a more manageable way. Evolving Textures Natural Hair Products are a crucial part of health hair routines.