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Nadra Smiley - Martin


If anyone knows naturally textured hair, it's Nadra Smiley-Martin. It is no exaggeration to say Chicago-based natural hair champion Nadra is a Beauty Empire Builder: As an award-winning entrepreneur, patent owner, inventor, hair stylist, educator and advocate. 

As Founder of Evolving Textures, Nadra’s hair care dynasty started with an insatiable quest to gain more information and understanding about the culture and business of Black hair care & beauty. Her inherent knowledge & skill of the beauty industry began as early as age 15.

Nadra has made an imprint on the industry by introducing a contemporary set of styling standards, business best practices, an ethic of duty to launch newly minted stylists, veteran stylists and salon owners. By the age of 20, Nadra became a highly sought Natural Hair Educator. Her passion for the industry would lead to various opportunities including consulting with major brands such as Johnson Products & Namaste’ (ORS). 

Helping break legislative boundaries to institute one of Illinois's first licensed natural hair and braiding schools, Amazon Natural Look Academy is just one of many of Nadra’s contributions to empowering the culture of natural hair. She was also awarded a United States Patent by The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office for her work developing Alli Styles Assistant, an ergonomic Hair Styling Device that aids professionals performing hairstyling operations.

She comes by her status as no surprise born of her mother Amazon Smiley, Monarch of Chicago’s Natural Hair Legacy & 1980’s business establishment Amazon Braid Sculpture. The entire Smiley family has played a role in ushering in an innovative era of artistry, excellence and sophistication targeted to a professional, refined market that includes women and men. Born out of a need from her market, Nadra launched Evolving Textures products in Whole Foods Market as one of Chicago’s 1st local Whole Body Suppliers. 

Nadra & Husband, former Hair Stylist Jerry Martin continue to serve the needs of their community by prioritizing healthy hair and scalp care while providing a safe space to guide customers through their evolving beauty journey.