5 Ways to Use Our Best Selling Styling Gel

5 Ways to Use Our Best Selling Styling Gel

If you’ve ever used a general hair gel for braids, you know the results can be hit or miss. Sometimes even the products touted as “best hair gel for braids” don’t deliver as advertised. While the most widely used is the Shine n Jam brand, there are so many options available that it can be hard to choose one natural hair product that meets all your needs. Whether you’re trying our Evolving Textures Ogel for the first time, or the fiftieth time, we never want you to have to guess about the possibilities. Ogel is water soluble and can be used on wet or dry hair. Check out a few of the many ways it can be used below:

#1 Precise Parts

O Gel is the #1 choice of hair gel for braids amongst stylists and naturalistas alike. Many of our customers agree on the reason why: the maximum hold you can achieve, without flaking. When applied to clean and dry hair, Ogel is perfect for sectioning your parts, holding the hair in place, and creating a smooth base for whatever you want to do next.

When using a hair gel or loc’ing agent, all too often you’ll hear of the infamous white cast or “flaking” that can occur after using too much product. Not only is Ogel less prone to flaking, it’s formulated to be water-soluble. If too much product is applied, it can simply be rinsed away with water without compromising the rest of your style. 

#2 Curl Definition 

Our styling gel isn’t just for braids. In addition to holding hair in place at the base, Ogel can be used at the ends to define and hold your curl pattern. The next time you want to accent your style or go for a full head of bouncy, defined curls grab your Ogel. 

For all over curls, make sure the hair is adequately saturated with water (we recommend a spray bottle). Apply Ogel in small to medium sections. Comb through with a denman brush, or finger coil the area you wish to curl. Using our Remember Me Foam  and applying heat will give a longer wear time, but air drying will still give you shine and hold.

#3 Protective Styles for Length Retention

Hair at the end of the shaft is the oldest and the most fragile. When exposed to the elements, too much manipulation, or improper care it also becomes the first to break. That’s why it’s important to protect it, especially if retaining and growing your hair is a primary goal.

Protective styles like braids and twists help with this objective by covering the majority of your hair strand and allowing you, the wearer, to give daily manipulation a break. However, all that goes out the window if the hair ends are not properly secured. Ogel is a great choice to tuck and protect your ends because of its consistency and hold; it also has ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to keep hydration in while your hair flourishes unbothered. What it doesn’t have: any of the by-products and chemicals that attract dust, bacteria, films. 

#4 Set and Forget It

Short on time or ideas? Not to worry. With our Ogel you can easily get two (and sometimes three) styles from one. For max versatility and elasticity, wet hair as described in #2, twist or braid your hair with gel as normal. Then, after two to three weeks, re-set with water and Remember Me Foam. Allow it to dry, and unravel. You now have a twist or braid-out that can be styled even further as a pineapple/ponytail updo, half-up-half down, rocked au natural, or however you like. 

#5 Extending Your Style

As mentioned in #1, our Ogel is water-soluble and plant based. That means it’s not only mindfully formulated with botanicals for optimum hair growth, it can actually elongate your style. For example: you’ve had your faux locs for almost one month and it’s time for a touch up. The only problem is you like the worn and natural look that has developed, and don’t want to redo an entire section. Because our Ogel is water soluble, The base of your locs can be shampooed clean, without disrupting the look of the rest of the locs’ appearance.  You or your stylist can simply retwist your already installed locs, with fresh Ogel. Problem solved! 

For more questions, or ideas of how you can use our Ogel for best results, check out our FAQ page. To go directly to our "O" gel, click here.
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